Socially Responsible

Dyisy is a socially sensitive company with principles and standards. We are committed to the social and economic development of the society in which we operate. Below are the organizations we support through monetary donation and professional assistance.


Alin Beit Noam

Alin Beit Noam is a nonprofit organization that advocates social justice and human dignity, with a particular emphasis on disability. The organization operates a wide variety of programs and activities to help improve the quality of life for people with disabilities.

The organization's goal is to develop and implement quality support and assistance programs for people with physical and intellectual disabilities, to develop successful models that will inspire other advocates and care providers for people with disabilities, and to create social change in Israel, with particular focus on dominant discourse, for people with disabilities.



The Clownbulance A colorful and playfully-designed vehicle which, from the moment the child gets in, draws them into a world of fantasy, fun, laughter, and enjoyment. The Clownbulance allows the child and the child’s family a positive and transformative experience, replacing the negative connection they have to the traditional medical ambulance, and transforming their day in the Clownbulance into something special and different — from the minute they leave the hospital.


Branco Weiss

The Branco Weiss Institute is committed to excellence in education, and works to develop and implement pedagogical and organizational innovation in schools and in educational programs in Israel.

In all our activities we are devoted to enhancing individual and social growth and to reducing ducational disparities in Israeli society.

In all our efforts we are pragmatic idealists, guided by the values of responsible leadership, constructive action, cooperation, integrity, and positive thinking.


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